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Create video mashups with ease

Video Mix is a video-editing program that enables you to quickly and easily edit video clips. This multimedia software offers common editing features such as merging video files and trimming them to remove sections that you don’t need. It’s designed more for creating video compilations and is user-friendly with its straightforward interface. A free trial version is available to be downloaded, and the premium version is a generous lifetime license.

Something different

Upon launching Video Mix, you’re immediately greeted by a blank timeline where you can easily start adding video files to begin your editing. The layout here is slightly different from most video editors and looks more like the workspace of audio-editing programs, as you can’t paste clips onto the same track as another clip, so they’ll play side-by-side one previewed. Thus, this can make long video mash-ups a bit tricky to set up, especially with how some of the tools work.

Merge clips by adding two or more videos into the workspace. These are automatically joined together when previewed and saved, regardless of whether you trim them or not. Since you can’t put them together side-by-side, you have to arrange their order by dragging the first clip to the top of the stack and dragging the second clip below it. Cropping the sections you like is done by using the two sliders in each clip. This can be hard to distinguish, though, since the trimmed part won’t actually disappear.

User-friendly controls

Unlike other video editors, there are no flashy transitional animations available here, and only the default Fade In and Fade Out settings can be used. However, you can still smoothen this by using the crossfade effect. Aside from these options, you can also change the volume, tempo, and key of the clips’ audio. To check how the whole video plays out, you can click “Preview Output Video” at the bottom. 

Afterward, to save your work, simply use the “Export and Save Video” button next to it. The demo version of Video Mix allows you to try out all features from the start. However, the exported file you saved will have a watermark on it to indicate that you’re using an unregistered copy of the program. To freely use the software, you have to avail of the paid version

There’s only one subscription plan offered here, and it’s a lifetime license that gives you free updates whenever. On top of that, you get unlimited usage and conversion of video formats for your copy. The program supports various formats, including AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, and MKV, and also offers numerous resolution options. Take note, however, that videos of different resolutions will sometimes come into conflict and can’t be saved together.

Quick and easy editing

All in all, Video Mix is a great program geared towards users who need a simple and straightforward video-editing program. While it doesn’t have a lot of advanced features to add more creative edits, it’s easy and lightweight to be used as a handy editor for quick video compilations. This is a recommended application for beginners and those looking for a no-nonsense interface.

Merge, trim, change speed, volume and pitch of music video clips

Video Mix is a tool designed to better manage and edit small music video clips (for example karaoke video files or music videos downloaded from Youtube or other video sharing sites). In particular, Video Mix allows you to combine multiple music video clips by automatically applying the crossfade (an effect that allows you to move linearly from one video to another). Besides joining video clips, with this program, you can also cut unwanted parts of the video simply by selecting the start and end points of the file.

For those who use music video clips, it often becomes necessary to change parameters such as volume, speed and pitch. With Video Mix it is possible to modify all these parameters in a simple and intuitive way.

Unlike complex and heavy video editing software, Video Mix is a small tool that allows you to make major changes to your video clips (such as joining, trimming, changing pitch, volume and speed) in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to the fade in / fade out and crossfade effects, Video Mix is also an ideal tool for those who want to combine multiple video clips to obtain a single final video without sudden changes inside. Also, the cost of the Full version is much lower than professional video editing software.


  • Easy functionalities
  • Can convert to different formats
  • A lifetime premium license
  • The demo hardly has any limitations


  • Doesn’t have a lot of advanced features
  • The interface functions a little differently from most similar programs
  • Videos of differing resolutions won’t adjust to each other automatically

Video Mix for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 5.0
  • 2
  • (1)
  • Security Status

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